Crisis? What crisis?

I had decided few months ago that I would stop watching the news, reading articles, listening to podcasts and avoid conversations about the current financial and economic crisis.

Instead, I decided to load my iPod with relaxation and motivational music, podcasts and audio books. Tina Turner’s song The Best, Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins or Self-Esteem Affirmation by Louis L Hay in the audio book category and the Morning Coach podcast delivered each day by the talented JB Glossinger have become part of my daily routine. This cocktail provides me the energy, assertiveness and self-confidence I need, just as a fresh orange juice in the morning gives me the Vitamin C my body needs.
After few weeks ignoring the bad news and feeding my mind with positive thoughts only, song and podcast in the morning, self-esteem affirmations and relaxation music before going to bed, I started to feel much better.

Today, I’ve decided to slowly start to get back on track and watch the news again, read the business section of my favorite newspapers, the NYT and El País, and download some podcasts about the economic situation. I’m not giving up my “motivational” routine though. I start listening to The Best in the morning before watching the news, keep on listening the Morning Coach on my way to work, by bike or in the metro and enjoying Louise Hay comforting voice in the evening.

I usually recommend to the sales people I coach to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, practicing sport and cultural activities, watch their diet and their mind. Ignoring what’s going on around you, when so many people are losing their job, would be a selfish and unsustainable attitude.
But selecting the information you need, proactively, is as important as choosing the right food or the right physical or cultural activity.

Build your own program to access information; consider the power of positive thinking. Take good care of your mind, develop your self-esteem and self-confidence, and build your energy and motivation. Feel free to share with us any tips on music, podcasts, books or quotes that keep you going every day, that bring you positive energy and motivation.

Check the Morning Coach podcast on iTunes or at

Listen to Tina Turner on youtube:


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